Sunday, May 22, 2011

Evil Stig and Javawocky hit Hampton Downs

What a beautiful Sunday in May to be at the prestigious Hampton Downs Motorsport Park with the Hampton Downs Ride Days guys!

Javawocky in full trackday regalia with the GXSR600. See vids

We had a great day - and what a work-out!!! We were in the Medium-Fast group Green, and that demands constant planning and focus - no cruising between corners.

My black Ducati 916 was running very well after Ramon and John from Haldanes gave it a tune up, adjusting throttle-bodies, new brakes on the front - and what a difference. She idles now ;-) and when throttle pinned just gives back strong performance. Problem belong me now - getting that throttle roll-on right through the corner.

A great day, looked after well by the HD crew.

Cheers guys

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taupo Raining

We headed down to Taupo on Friday night, with all the weather reports and forecasts saying it was going to rain.

It did rain.

Waiting patiently in the trailer.

The Taupo track is reportedly slippery when wet - I wasn't going to do the 50-50 thing - chances are I would be on the wrong end of a dropped bike - not worth it. Disappointing. We watched for a while, and the weather didn't let up - the riders were tip-toeing around and coming in soaked. We trekked home again.

Nice drive though...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Evil Stig on GN250

Yes it is a fact, when the black Ducati 916 is getting some new brakes, we must use the GN from Haldanes to get to work.

Doesn't look too happy ;-(